Using REST client for passing api requests

On this page:

1) Download REST client and install it on your browser. 

Below showing screen shot of downloading firefox REST client. 

2) Open REST client tool 

1 - Click on REST client icon 

2 - REST client page gets displayed. 

3 - Configuring REST client tool 

     A) Click on Headers>>Custom Header 


    B) Configure Request Header for mifos platform as shown below 


        i - Name - Provide name as "X-Mifos-Platform-TenantID" 

       ii - Value - Provide tenant's name, in this example used is "default"

       iii - Click on Save to favourite.

       iv - Click on Okay button.

    C) Configure Request Header for 


       i - Name - Provide name as "Content-Type" 

       ii - Value - Provide as "application/json". 

       iii - Click on Save to favourite.

       iv - Click on Okay button.

     D) Click on Authentication>> Basic Authentication 


    E) Provide mifos x login credentials


     Default used login credentials are: 

     Username - mifos 

     Password - password 

     Remember me - Check the check box

     Click on Okay button. 

   F) Make sure all these Headers should be available as shown in the below screen shot:  


4 - Provide required inputs 


      i - Method - Select required method for execution. In this example used is POST. 

      ii - URL - Provide URL with required api entity. In this example used is https://localhost:8443/mifosng-provider/api/v1/clients

      iii - Body - Provide body content, In this example used is:            

           "officeId": 1,
           "firstname": "Petra",
           "lastname": "Yton",
           "externalId": "786YYH7",
           "dateFormat": "dd MMMM yyyy",
           "locale": "en",
           "active": true,
           "activationDate": "04 March 2009",
           "submittedOnDate":"04 March 2009"

    iv - SEND - Click on send button to execute the request  

   For this above example - Create client api request details was used from below shown screen shot: 


Please note, all the api's with respect to their entities are available here:- 

For this example response received is:- 

If the response is failed, please debug the failure reason, fix it and resend the request again. 

Go back UI and verify if this client is created: -