List of mifos financial calculation pages

The following is a list of pages to inspect in Mifos when testing Accounting Rule changes, rounding calculations, or other financial aspects of the application. The list is meant to give a comprehensive site list for application, but may not identify all the specific fields to inspect on each page.


Test cases testing loans likely include some of the following tasks: add products, edit products, add accounts, edit accounts, review products, review accounts, and transactions. For these tasks, check the following:

Loan Products

  1. Add Loan Product
  2. Loan Product Preview (create or edit)
  3. View Loan Product (after submit)

Loan Account

  1. Loan Account Creation (Interest, Rate Default, Loan Amount Default, Default Amount for Fees)
  2. Review installments (Amounts, Interest, fees)
  3. Preview Loan Account, Review installments (Amount, Interest Rate, Charges)
  4. Loan Dashboard/Loan Account Details (Account Summary)
  5. View Repayment Schedule
  6. Edit Account Information (View Information)
  7. Dispersed Loan - Check amounts in View All Account Activity, Recent Activity, and View Transaction History)
  8. Apply Payment - Default amount and Preview Screen
  9. Apply Charges - Apply Charges.
  10. Apply Adjustment - Payment amount.
  11. Repay Loan - Payment amount

Loan Summary

  1. Enter Collection Sheet Data (Bulk Entry Screen) - Data entry for amounts
  2. Enter Collection Sheet Data (Bulk Entry Screen) - Preview page
  3. Multiple Loan Creation - Default, entry values.


  1. Reverse Loan Dispersal ( amount paid, payments made)
  2. Redo Loan Account (amounts on review installments,


Test cases testing savings include some of the following tasks: add savings products, edit savings products, add savings accounts, edit savings accounts, review savings products, review savings accounts, transactions. Savings products include variables for interest rate, balance used for interest calculation, time period for interest calculation (in days), frequency of interest posting (in months), and minimum balance required.

For these savings tasks, check the following:

Savings Products

  1. Define New Savings Product - Admin (interest, balance)
  2. Review Savings Product - Admin (after Preview)

Savings Account

  1. Create Savings Account (amount)
  2. Savings Account Details
  3. View Account Activity
  4. Transaction History
  5. Transaction - Make Deposit/Withdrawal
  6. Transaction - Adjustments
  7. Transaction - Close Account
  8. Edit Savings Account


  1. Define new fees
  2. View fees


Open question - should account rules be reflected in reports - or should reports use decimals after digits, etc. as defined by report designer.

Answer - Currently reports respect the format in the report design only, not the configuration in mifos. We should be able to develop this in the future.