Mifos Release Test Checklist

This checklist is to track testing tasks that need to be executed prior to a release.  These tests are manual processes (currently) that test the release candidate "package".


Test Package



Download mifos zip package from Hudson. See below for testing on Sourceforge.



Inspect contents of zip package.

Zip file has proper version #?


Sub directories - config and sql



Files INSTALL, install-ubuntu.sh, LICENSE, and mifos.war



View INSTALL file, use directions for installation and test each link mentioned in INSTALL file



In config dir, applicationConfiguration.custom.properties and local.properties

Confirm custom properties contain any new properties for this release


In config dir, view local.properties file

see main.database=mifos


Test deployment configurations



Deploy Mifos with FR locale and check all strings are translated.



Deploy Mifos with CN locale and check all strings are translated.



Deploy Mifos with ES locale and check all strings are translated.



Deploy Mifos on Windows server.



Connect to test server via IE 7.  Check layout on new pages, other primary paths (hierarchy, CSE, loans, savings)



Copy default properties file and use as new custom properties file.  Check that any new properties are displayed on Organizational Settings page.



On System Information, check version



On System Information, check database schema version



Run batch jobs, check for errors



Upgrade backup of customer deployments



Add Mpesa and Audi bank plugins to plugins directory and ensure that plugins are available on Import Transactions page.  Also ensure that Organizational Settings page load with plugins in place. 



Test download of Sourceforge package



After completion of testing of release candidate on local instance, request developer to upload package and CHECKSUM file to Sourceforge.

Make sure default file to download is the new release


Download package and CHECKSUM file. Confirm CHECKSUM for both MD5 and Sha1 hashes.  Additional notes for validating download package found here.



Check size of downloaded war file, do diff of the war vs. the war that's previously been tested.



When mifos.org has been updated, check the download page links on http://mifos.org/product/download-mifos and http://mifos.org/product/download-mifos/download-form

Make sure version # is updated to proper number - e.g. 2.0.2


Download via mifos.org link. Confirm size, CHECKSUM, proper file name.



Expand downloaded file to ensure zip file isn't corrupted.