Download Package Testing

Basic steps for testing Mifos releases. Examples below relate to revision 1.2.2. These steps presume a Windows environment with downloaded packages for tomcat 6, mysql, and fciv.exe or some other checksum utility.

  • Prior to testing the actual package, fix or fixes have been verified and a set of acceptance tests have been executed against the release candidate.
  • Download package and checksum file.
  • Use checksum utility to verify checksum on package, following directions in checksum file or using windows tool fciv.exe:
// File Checksum Integrity Verifier version 2.05.
C:\r1.2.2>fciv -sha1
// File Checksum Integrity Verifier version 2.05.
  • Create folder with tomcat, mysql, and zip file. Install package using INSTALL document instructions.
  • Create database e.g. "mysql> create database mifos;"
  • For database, if using unique DB name and port, modify create_mifos_db.sql to reflect changes and use DB install commands as follows:
C:\r1.2.2\mifos_v1.2.2>mysql -P3311 -D mifos_r122 -u root -pmysql < sql/latest-schema.sql
C:\r1.2.2\mifos_v1.2.2>mysql -P3311 -D mifos_r122 -u root -pmysql < sql/latest-data.sql
C:\r1.2.2\mifos_v1.2.2>mysql -P3311 -D mifos_r122 -u root -pmysql < sql/init_mifos_password.sql
  • Place files in conf folder ( and in tomcat lib folder from above install and make changes to ensure customization is read using these packaged files. For example, change DB name and meeting days. Can verify changes by looking at Admin configuration page.
  • Do test to ensure hotfix is included in the war provided in the download package.