Release 1.2

Mifos Rhino release is a release of prioritized bug fixes and enhancements/features for Enda.


Issues Fixed in Release 1.1.4

csv-table:: Hotfix Issues:header: "Issue #", "Priority", "Description", "Developer", "Status", "HF", "HF Issue #"
:widths: 10, 5, 50, 10, 20, 5, 10

2078, P1, "Slow or stalled batch jobs processing on large data set", "Kim", "Complete", "v1.1.1", "2131" 2178, P2, "Active Borrowers value is zero in Branch Summary report", "TWorks", "Complete", "v1.1.1", "2175" 2179, P2, "All Grameen Koota reports printing on 2 pages rather than 1", "TWorks", "Complete", "v1.1.1", "2176" 2087, P2, "Standard report not reporting data from large production data set ", TWorks, "Complete", "v1.1.1", "2142" 2124, P2, "GK v1.0 Jasper Branch Summary report does not match v1.1 BIRT report", TWorks, "Complete", "v1.1.1", "2143" 1506, P3, "Unable to Edit Group Name", "Adam", "Complete", "v1.1.1", "2138" 2164, P1, "Portfolio at risk task performance issues on GK v1.1 DB", "Kim", "Complete", "v1.1.2", "2166" 2188, P2, "Create new group fails if trained option checked", "Adam", "Complete", "v1.1.3", "2190" 2129, P3, "Savings account activity displaying double interest in running balance", "Kim", "Complete", "v1.1.4", 2197 2126, P3, "Savings account activity shows too many decimals for running balance", "Kim", "Complete", "v1.1.4", 2197 2149, P3, "Savings interest should be calculated on balance and interest posted, not balance only", "Kim", "Complete", "v1.1.4", 2197 2150, P3, "Savings interest calculating on wrong minimum balance", "Kim", "Complete", "v1.1.4", 2197 2157, P3, "Interest and Calc Posting Dates", "Kim", "Complete", "v1.1.4", 2197 2170, P1, "Null Pointer Exception when applying a payment to a loan account", "Kim", "Complete", "v1.1.4", "2193" 2169, P3, "Interest calculation and posting should happen on last day of month ...", "Kim", "Complete", "v1.1.4", 2197 2196, P3, "Amount deposited on the last day of the month was not picked up ...", "Kim", "Complete", "v1.1.4", 2197 2206, P3, "Fix savings interest in db to round to precision set to config settings", "Kim", "Complete", "v1.1.4", 2208

Rhino Issues

List of issues fixed in Rhino
csv-table:: Prioritized bugs:header: "Issue #", "Priority", "Description", "Developer", "Status"
:widths: 10, 5, 50, 10, 20

2074, P2, "Loan creation fails when using LSIM and meeting on specific day of the month", "Eugene", "Complete" 2089, P2, "GK cant run Branch Cash Conf report after MySQL upgrade", "Eugene", "Complete" 2047, P2, "Savings withdrawals are committed in Bulk Entry preview", "Kim", "Complete" 2132, P2, "Bulk Entry only handles one savings account for clients with multiple savings accounts", "Kim", "Complete" 2139, P3, "Frequency of Meeting label missing from Meeting schedule page", "Kim", "Complete" 2184, P3, "Changing group causes null pointer exception", "Adam", "Complete" 2198, P1, "Cannot create loans due to '"please specify required information ...", "Adam", "Complete" 2127, P3, "Fees are not attached in redo loan", "TWorks", "Complete" 2194, P3, "Weekly Meetings in French say "Daily"", "Adam", "Complete" 2205, P2, "Review GK script for double transactions", "Kim", "Complete" 2125, P3, "LoanBO increments no. of active loans when handling arrears", "Kim", "Complete" 2212, P3, "Savings interest calculation incorrect when adjustments are made to account", "Kim", "Complete"

Accepted Patches

csv-table:: Approved patches:header: "Issue #", "Description"
:widths: 10, 50

1405, "FIREFOX: Loans that are 'Active in Good Standing' can be edited" 1502, "FIREFOX: Recommended Amt is mislabeled 'Mandatory' in firefox when creating savings product" 1830, "Firefox: Display issue: When editing a checklist, the items are listed all on one line" 1581, "FIREFOX: "weeks/months" text does not update dynamically for loan product frequency" 1661, "Roles on personnel page not in alphabetical order" 1506, "Unable to Edit Group Name" 1523, "Remove edit survey link from PPI surveys"