How To Translate Mifos User Manual on FLOSS Manuals

Note: Please use Firefox Browser for all translations. It's only browser that supports WYSIWYG editor needed to preserve formatting.

Make Sure You've...

How to Translate

  • Select the instance of the Mifos User Manual you'd like to translate:
  • You should see a screen like this listing out all the Mifos chapters:
  • Select a chapter that is untranslated and click translate to begin. You'll see the current text on the left and an empty text editor on the right to input the translated text.
  • Select all of the English text and images on the left (CTRL+A). Copy and paste this into the right hand text editor window to preserve formatting, headers, links, and images. Once pasted, you can begin translating.
  • Begin translating! When you're done with the page, change the status from Untranslated to Unpublished and click Save.

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What do I do about images?

  • If you'd like to update the screenshots to be language appropriate, go to the corresponding language-specific Mifos test instance find the relevant section in the UI, and take a screenshot.
  • Insert the screenshot using the image editor. Images get uploaded in the directory for that translation (i.e. /Mifos_ES for Spanish).
  • Please follow tips and writing conventions listed here for guidance on adding 1px black borders to the images.