Translation Style Guide & Glossary

As we migrate our UI to its new framework and re-translate the pages on, a major goal is to clean up and make consistent the current translation.

Use this page as a style guide and glossary of terms to ensure consistent style and use of terms.


  • For messages like Enter, use the infinitive form of the verb. For example "Enter" would be "Aceptar". "Logout" would be "Desconectar" "Create new" would be "Crear nuevo." 
  • Use formal commands. For example in Spanish, "Please Select" would translate to the Usted command - "Por favor seleccione" rather than an informal tu command of "Por favor selecciona"

Glossary of Terms

For each language below, we're listing the preferred term for messages where there have been multiple terms used inconsistently. 

Existing Translations

You can directly pull down the 44 .po files from our old translations on git.  Click snapshot link if you'd like a zip. Below are links to the combined .po files for our 4 existing translations. While re-translating, it's helpful to search through the old .po file to find the previous messages that were used. Often, the message can be copied and pasted over but in cases, it's helpful in determining what terms we should use to be consistent.