Collection Sheet Entry


When a Loan Officer returns from the field, the officer has to enter the collection sheet details in the system. Alternatively, he can provide the details to a non-loan officer who can enter the data for him. After necessary validations, the system updates the relevant records with the transaction details provided by the LO/user.

  • Collection Sheet Entry forms are generated by a center name and by date for a Loan Officer. If center hierarchy does not exist in an MFI, collection sheet entry can be generated separately for each group.
  • There is only one format for Collection Sheet Entry
  • Amounts displayed in collection sheet entry (loan disbursals, payments and savings deposits) are of the last/today's meeting. These amounts are not updated if any payment has been made to any of the accounts or penalty is charged due to missed payments. If the payments have been made, Mifos will throw an error if user tries to re-enter the payment again.
  • Collection Sheet Entry contains space for the user to enter the actual amounts for repayments collected and disbursements made and the attendance for customers can also be specified. Fields in collection sheet entry are detailed below.
  • Collection sheet entry for future dates are not supported.  These contain only the details of payments/disbursements for current and past meetings.
  • Only exact amounts in fees will be accepted
  • Assumption- Each Collection sheet entry will have approximately 40 records (including client, group and center records).
  • If there is a payment and disbursal due at the same time for a client for one loan product (in case when interest is deducted at disbursement), both issues and due sections in the collection sheet entry have text boxes with appropriate amounts.

Collection Sheet Entry Steps

Steps to enter a center’s data in collection sheet entry.   User can enter this feature from Enter Collection Sheet Data link in Mifos in the left navigation pane.

  • User selects a Branch. 
  • From a list of Loan Officers, User selects one LO.
  • Centers assigned to the selected LO are populated and User selects one.
  • Transaction date- disabled - defaulted to the last meeting day.
  • Specify: Payment type, Receipt#, receipt date (these 3 items would then apply across all transactions collected for the center.
  • User continues to next Collection Sheet Entry screen.
  • The amounts for each client, group and account are pre-populated when the collection sheet entry loads. These amounts will be as of the current date
  • Edit the expected transactions - This is detailed below.
  • Preview
  • Submit

Data Displayed on Collection Sheet Entry Form

The collection sheet entry form will have the following data:

Sl. No.Column Name


1Client/Group Name, Client/Group IDClient Name should be only First and last name.


2Loan Product 1, 2…System calculated values should be pre-filled
These can be edited by the users.
3Savings Account 1, 2…Mandatory deposit amount for savings account 1 due till the current date.
For voluntary savings accounts, this amount will only have the latest amount due and will not include the amounts due from past meetings.
System calculated values should be pre-filled. The amount can be edited by the user.


4Loan Account 1, 2…System calculated values for Loan amount due to be disbursed to the client/group. The amount will be editable.
5Savings Account 1, 2…User-entered- Withdrawals made in the field clients/groups/centers

Other Collections

6Client ChargesSystem calculated- Fee/Misc fee/ Misc penalty charged to client/group/center account and due
7AttendanceDrop down with the following options:
Present (P), Late (L), Absent (A), Approved Absence (AA).


  • The validation required when the above data is entered and submitted is:
    • Loan repayment should either be zero or equal to the amount due
    • Loans disbursed should either be zero or equal to the amount due to be disbursed
    • Withdrawals cannot be greater than the current account balances. If it is so, system should throw an error.
    • Fees should either be zero or equal to the amount due
  • For group and center savings accounts- The system logs transaction entries for each client deposit/withdrawal made to the group account.
  • If a client or group has more than one active loan accounts of the same loan product, the repayment and disbursals due should be clubbed together in the same row. The system will accept only complete or no repayment for the clubbed amount.
  • If a client, group, or center has more than one active savings accounts of the same savings product, collection sheet entry will display only one active savings account (which was created the earliest).
  • User must preview data entered in collection sheet entry before saving.
  • When a collection sheet entry form is submitted, Mifos does the following:
    • Transaction IDs will be generated.
    • Respective savings/loan/client accounts will be updated with the transactions.
  • If a collection sheet entry is generated twice, attendance from the last submitted entry will be displayed in the collection sheet entry. Changes made to the attendance will overwrite the attendance entered before.

Loan Disbursal Update from Collection Sheet Entry

Collection Sheet Entry displays disbursals due on a meeting. If the transaction date is modified to a date other than the last meeting date, Mifos updates the disbursal date for that loan account and regenerates the repayment schedule as per the new disbursal date.

UI Notes

  • All clients/groups from search criteria entered appear in collection sheet entry; even if a client/group has no active loan or savings accounts and has no charges pending in the client account.
  • In Collection Entry UI, the collection sheet grid contains the following details-
    • Details of all client loans and savings accounts
    • Details of center savings accounts
    • Details of client and center accounts
    • Details of group accounts
    • Details of group savings accounts where unit for “Recommended amount for deposits” is “per group”
    • Details of group savings accounts where unit for “Recommended amount for deposits” is “per client”
  • If any column is not relevant for a client/group, the respective cell should be left blank, that is, a text box should not be displayed in that cell
  • In preview page- the text color should be Red in following cases
    • If the attendance is not “Present”,
    • If loan repayment is zero or there is a partial loan repayment,
    • Mandatory savings amount is not equal to the amount due,
    • Account charges collected are not equal to the charges due.

Out of Scope

  • Collection Sheet Entry for clients who do not belong to any group.
  • Full repayment to close loan accounts through bulk entry. Full loan repayment and closure must happen directly off the client page.