Cloud Instance Recommendations


The following recommendations apply to instances of Amazon EC2 (Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute):


Small (0 - 25,000 clients)

Medium (25,000+ clients)

Front-end Server (Mifos and Pentaho)

"Small EC2 Instance"


Back-end Server (Database)






See Also:

  • Cloud maintenance - Chef recipe for how to set up and configure your own EC2 instance. 

To Do:

  • Clean up table 
    • Breakdown of optimal hosting setup for front-end/back-end, pentaho. 
    • Clarify on test and production instances
    • Clarification on size recommendations.
  • Pull in some of our costing models to allow MFIs to have their own hosting calculator
    • Discussion around other costs like backups, data in/out. 

Application Server

Database Server: