Creating Self Service User For Testing

For now on the platform we don't have a robust mechanism to create self service user to test out the mobile banking apps. Until then, this a temporary way on how we can create self service user in a user friendly way. 

Note: Until we have a production release you can use this way to create self service user for testing purposes only. To test and give feedback or use the mobile banking apps. 

Step 1: Get the community app code

The code isn't merged yet, it is still in development so you'd need to clone a branch on my fork: 

After you've cloned the fork and switched to this branch. Do the necessary install steps for the community app!

Start the community app with the following command

grunt serve

Note: You can also use this hosted version of these changes at 

( May change in future for another demo, will update the doc if demo url changes! )

Step 2: Point the resource to your Fineract Installation

Update the baseApiUrl and tenantIdentifier according to your Fineract installation

Login to the community app, and you shall see data according to your Fineract installation.

Step 3: Finding the client to create Self Service User

Go to the clients section of the community app, find the client you want to create the self service user of. 

Select the Client you want to create the user for.

In the more section of the clients detail page you will find the Create Self Service User Option

Step 4: Fill Self Service User Details

For roles select the Super User for testing purposes, once we have a production ready way to create self service users we will roll that out as soon as possible

Step 5: Log In to the Web Self Service Apps

Now you can use these credentials to log into the mobile banking apps and test out these new apps that are in development!