GSOC 2017- Extend Mifos Data Import Tool

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Background, Impact, and User Need

Currently when the need arises to the cater the requirement of transitioning the data into Apache Fineract platform from the existing portfolios of a prospective micro finance institution the situation becomes problematic. So there’s a unrelinquished need from the community to integrate the data import tool as a part of the platform by implementing a feature providing imports to their existing portfolio in bulk by supporting different entity level API(s).


1) Integrate as a core component of Fineract platform.

2) Allowing imports at office-level or staff level instead of organizational level.

3) Allowing new entity level APIs and data.

4) Reducing setup time of initial configurations.

Integration with Fineract platform

Figure 1: The integration with Fineract

The new Fineract platform is to be extended in such way to accommodate the new data import tool back end it’s itself. This integration will invoke respective internal services of the Fineract platform to import and export templates to the database.

The user interface of the data import tool to be introduced and merged into the community app in place of the conventional user interface in the data import tool itself.

Using standard REST calls of POST and GET the templates populated with data are to be communicated between the community app and the newly integrated data import tool.



Week -1 (22nd May to 26th May)Study existing tool and plan/discuss new Architecture.
Week 0 (29th May to 2nd June)Implementation of Client template REST API call in Fineract. (1 week)
Week 01 (5th June to 9th June)Implementation of Office (3 days) and Center (2 days) templates REST API call in Fineract.
Week 02 (12th June to 16th June)Implementation of  Group (2 days) and Loan, Loan Product, Loan Repayment (3 days) templates REST API call in Fineract.
Week 03 (19th June to 23rd June)Implementation of Journal Entries (3 days) and Guarantor (2 days) templates REST API call in Fineract. 
Week 04 (26th June to 30th June)
1st Evaluation
Implementation of Personnel (1 day), GI Account (1 day),  and Repayment History (1 day) templates REST API call in Fineract.
Week 05th (3rd July to 7th July)Implementation of Client, Center, Group imports in Fineract.
Week 06th (10th July to 14th July)Implementation of Fixed Deposit, Recurring Deposit, and Recurring Deposit Account Transaction  imports in Fineract.
Week 07th (17th July to 21st July)Implementation of Savings, Savings Transaction, Journal Entries imports in Fineract.
Week 08th (24th July to 28th July)Implementation of Guarantor, Loan, Loan Repayment imports in Fineract.
Week 09th (31st July to 4th August)
2nd Evaluation
Mifos X UI work for Client, Center, Office, Group, Loan, Loan Product, Loan Repayment, Journal Entries template and import calls.
Week 10th(7th August to 11th August)Mifos X UI work for Guarantor, Personnel, GI Account, Repayment History template and import calls, and UAT testing.
Week 11th(14th August to 25th August)UAT testing and bug fixes, wrap up.

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