Self Service Web Application


Currently, Mifos-X platform is bank staff facing. Self Service Web Application enables end-user Customers to login to view/transact on the accounts and loans they hold. Data visible to Customers will be a sub-set of what Staff can see. Data like account notes and internal approval cycles would not be accessible for the Customers.

Previously all Mifos operations were performed by back office staff. Now clients can authenticate themselves, view and edit their account details. and make repayments or transactions between their own accounts.

It is now possible for them to have direct banking apps that they can utilize including smartphone-based mobile banking, USSD-based mobile banking, and online banking via a web app.

The focus of this project would be building out a clean and simple AngularJS application that can be used as a reference web app for financial institutions to directly deploy and offer to their customers or for our our support partners to customize and enhance to the local needs of their market.

Available Resources

I have divided the post into two parts:
1. the integrations that need to be made to the community app.
2. the features to be added to the self service web app.

Integrations to be made to Community App

The requirements for the self-service features that are to be integrated with  are posted in the following link provided by Ed:

Denila has created wire frames for the UI of the integration which can be found here

The backend API for Self Service are available and details can be found here:

Customer Self Service - Phase 2

Features to be Added to Self Service Web App

Link to the current git repository:

Self Service web app would have the following features:

  • Login
  • View Own Profile and Data Tabs
  • View Own Accounts (deposits and loans)
  • View Own Accounts' Transactions (deposits and loans)
  • Initiate Transfers from own account
  • Make Transfers to other accounts
  • Make Repayment to Loans
  • Fill up Questionnaires

There is already a self service facility implemented for the mobile application and it can be found here: