Release Notes

Target audience: Mifos specialists.

These release notes contain important information about Mifos version 1.6 (code name: Shamim D) and higher. Mifos version 1.6 is a release that includes support for scalability to 1 million clients, moratoriums, branch level holidays, fixes to the clients, groups, and centers areas of Mifos, and fixes to critical bugs in Mifos . In addition to an overview of the major changes since the previous major release, known issues and other information are addressed here. Please read this document before you begin using Mifos.



See Mifos System Recommendations v1.6 for hardware requirements.


Software requirements are described in the INSTALL file included in the Mifos version 1.6.x release package.


See Configuring Mifos for details on how to set up Mifos


Mifos recommends using Firefox with this release. Mifos 1.6 supports the following browsers


  • Firefox 3.0 and above.

Internet Explorer

  • IE 6.0 SP1
  • IE 7.0

New Features and Enhancements

  • Scalability to 1 Million clients
  • Moratoriums
  • Branch Level Holidays
  • 2 additional standard reports
  • Major fixes to clients, groups, and centers, and CSE areas.

Upgrade and Important Notes

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Mifos, please see Upgrade Instructions for 1 6 for important information that might impact your upgrade.

Other Known Issues

Deployment Isolation

There have been unconfirmed reports that deploying multiple instances of Mifos inside the same Tomcat installation may cause problems. We advise isolating deployments by only deploying a single instance of Mifos inside a single installation of Tomcat until further notice.


  • Minimum/Maximum days between disbursal and first repayment: These settings are not optional. Use the default values (1 for Minimum and 365 for Maximum) as a workaround. Issue 2005.

Memory and Performance


  • Our standard reports assume a generic default database connection for the MySQL mifos database of user "mifos" and password "mifos". If your database is different than the default, you need to change your standard Mifos reports for them to connect to the right database. See Issue 2840 for more information.
  • If you are installing Mifos for the first time on 1.6.x, the Detailed Aging Portfolio At Risk Report has a permission error when running the report. Workaround is to download, then re-upload the report into your Mifos instance with a new report name. Issue 3108.  Fixed in 1.6.1.


  • Holidays are not changeable: Once you add a new holiday to Mifos, it cannot be edited or deleted. Use caution with this feature. Issue 1398.

Current list of known bugs

Fixed Issues

Use the following links to see which issues were fixed in Mifos versions 1.6.x.


The project owners would like to thank those who have been actively involved in the Mifos community. Your many contributions for this release help make Mifos a stronger solution for our users and their clients.

A big thank you to the Mifos community!