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The aim of the documentation team is to provide a full suite of up to date documentation that allows our community to successfully install, deploy, configure, use, and maintain the Mifos X platform and the various apps they're using. This documentation consists of technical and non-technical guides including installation guides, user manuals, configuration guides, deployment guides, technical how-to's, etc. It will primarily live in the Documentation Section of this Wiki.

Current Priorities

Since the Mifos X platform and Community App, have just launched, we need to build out a full suite of documentation, deprecate our existing documentation, and streamline how this is all maintained and created. An outline of potential projects and priorities can be found at: Streamline Mifos X User Documentation

  • Installation Documentation: The community requires comprehensive and straight-forward documentation for installing Mifos X in Windows, Linux and Mac environments as well as deploying in cloud environments across multiple platforms. 
  • User Manual: We need to document end-to-end how each piece of functionality in Mifos X works and how it can be used by financial institution staff. 
  • Functional/Configuration Guides: To complement this end user documentation, we need functional specifications and a configuration guide that thoroughly explains the various parameters/settings/configurations in Mifos X. 
  • System Administration Guides: Administrators of Mifos X require documentation on how to optimally configure their system, secure their network, back up their data, etc. 
  • Technical Manuals: Documentation is needed in instructing external contributors, how to build out their development environment, build new features, build new apps, and in general contribute to the platform. 
  • Deployment Guide: We need to update for Mifos X, our six-step deployment recipe to ensure partners and users can smoothly implement Mifos X and maximize staff adoption. 
  • Community Engagement: General guides are needed to explain the various community collaboration tools that are available and how to sign up for and use them. 
  • Financial Inclusion: We need to compile existing documentation on financial inclusion into easy-to-follow materials to help onboard community members that are new to this domain. 
  • Training Curriculum: All the collective knowledge across using the product, building the product, and financial inclusion processes/operations needs to be packaged into training modules. 

We are actively seeking tech writers, project managers, and operational experts to join this team.

Status Updates

Links to progress and notes ongoing projects/tasks will be shared here. 

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Want to join the team and assist with documentation? Email Have a documentation need you want the team to work on? Send an email to the mailing list or log it as feature request with the label, "documentation". 

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The documentation team is made up of the following community members: