Database Neutrality


Mifos uses MySQL as its primary database.

Mifos has abstraction from underlying database using

  • Hibernate as ORM (must have good experience with Hibernate)
  • Liquibase as Database refactoring tool
  • DbUnit as test dataset maintenance

We want to run Mifos with other databases to achieve objectives like :

  • In memory integration/acceptance testing
  • Development without MySQL
  • Possibility of Mifos demo package using HSQL DB
  • Possibility of using Mifos with other databases (least configuration refactoring)

Hibernate automatic DDL apos;t have a replacement for database upgrade scripts, that we know of. If this facility improves in future versions of Hibernate we may be able to use the automatic DDL feature(s) to be able to use any database supported by Hibernate.

Status: Available

Requires one volunteer


Please email the mifos-developer list if you are interested in helping on this project.

The following active threads contain discussion on this project:


UdaiU (Unlicensed)


Read the Developer Kick Start page for information on contributing and getting set up. Follow the steps under

  • If you are blocked, post questions (and an in-work patch, if applicable) to (a) the IRC channel ( can be used for sharing patches) and/or (b) the mifos-developer mailing list.
  • For any code changed which is not covered by tests: (a) consider creating a unit test (see AccountingRulesTest for an example). If a unit test is not practical, consider creating an integration test or an acceptance test.