[GSoC'20] 23-06-2020-meeting-7


Jun 23, 2020


  • @Yash Khare

  • @Nayan Ambali


  • Discussion on how to proceed with the Vision PPI Project

Discussion topics





Companies that use PPI

  • Send a follow up email along with a cc to Nayan and Ed

Project Plan

  • Look into cheaper alternatives for Cloud Vision

  • Figure out the pricing of Cloud Vision by the next meeting

  • Discussion about how to follow design patterns so that the app can be compatible with backends other than the Mifos backend.

  • Found an open source platform for this purpose: https://avniproject.org/

  • Long term plan: Make the app compatible with multiple platforms and make one version besides the Mifos version which will serve as a template.

  • Look into setting up the server on AWS so that work can continue normally even if the server might go down.

Work to be done

  • Training models on cloud vision and making the image augmentation notebook.