Top 5 Must-Have Features - Summit Scholarship App

Robert Ippez - Uganda

1. Shares and Dividends 
2. Mobile Money Integration to suit all different service providers e.g in Uganda we have MTN, Airtel, Orange with real time transactions 
3. SMS Module both Inbound and out-bound 
4. Teller Management Module 
5. Ability to have interest rate for fixed deposit based on Amount in the account e.g 100-500, 5%, 501-700 5.5% etc and also to have savings charges based on %Interest, %Amount as for loan charges especially for Withholding taxes which in our setting is 0.5% of Interest Amount given to every client. The amount is calculated and withheld by MFI and later paid to National Revenue Authority. 
6. Payroll System Integration 
7. Loan Officer to-do list and also Dashboard should be customized according to Roles

Thomas Ndugwa - Vastech - Uganda

  1. Seamless Accouting in Mifos X 
  2. Charts for Performance Monitoring 
  3. Reports Developement in Mifos x 

Patrick Asare-Frimpong - Pison Solutions - Ghana

1. Offline data capturing 
2. Biometric 
3. SDK (software development toolkit)

Danson Mivuel - Agrarian Rural Institute - Uganda

1. Community networked intranet connectivity 

2. Integrated agricultural input supply software 

3. Integrated agricultural production and loan management 

4. Farm recording systems 

5. Integrating the software with telephony connectivity for SMS alerting messaging 

David Otieno Onyango - Smart People Limited - Kenya


Pravin  Sheshrao Mankar - dMatrix Development Foundation - India

Use of Hand held devices 
Use of mobile technology

Rishabh Shuklah - GSOC - India

1. Notification system 
2. Similarly we can create an e-mail system to automatically mail agents about any new notifications which require immediate attention. 
3. A SDK for Mifos platform - I guess some of the developers at Mifos are already thinking about that.

John Ruhiu Gathogo - Caritas Nairobi - Kenya

-Mobile friendly application 
-Mobile money integration 
-Work flow with alerts (SMS and Email) to the checker of a process in a marker checker setup 
-Attaching member savings to loans to be used as collateral 
-Dashboard with drill down to get details of summarized figures and charts 

Sospeter Kitua Mule - Rafiki Microfinance Bank - Kenya

How they have leveraged on the available technologies to get to bank the unbanked in the society 
Whats the ease of use of the technologies

Charles Mwita Ghati - University of Nairobi - Kenya

Data upload as an excel file instead of manual input. 

Chain of command in mifos.

Faiz Mukhtasim Abdalla - Hazina Development Trust Limited - Kenya

Mifos must be available on all platforms apart from Android. 
Mifos to integrate Pentaho in one package rather than two different packages

Channa Gayan - GSOC - Sri Lanka

1. Client impact portal 
2. Android/iPhone Mifos client 
3. Pay as you Go Solar Module 
4. Business Rules Engine 
5. Data Import Tool

Diunugue - GSOC - Sri Lanka

1. Data Importing functions 
2. Android/iPhone Mifos client 
3. MifosX Installer for Windows and Linux 
4. Client impact portal 
5. Data export functions 

Patrick Kariuki Mugo - Smart People Limited - Kenya

- Detectable to repeated transaction. 
- Two columns for debit and credit in the accounting reports. 
-Show total debit and credit in journals and ledgers 
- Opening balances in Trial balance, income statement. 
- Edit option it journals and postings.

Beth Wakuthii Micah - Jambo Capital Initiative - Kenya

-E-banking connecting the Mifos X platform to the business current account at the local bank to facilitate easier reconciliation. 
-Differentiated authorisation  levels to mitigate different risk levels. 
-Dual control in the setting up of user rights and roles. 
-More elaborate Know Your Customer features.

Jean de Dieu Rurangirwa - GoIT Solutions - Rwanda

- SMS and Mobile banking, Integration with POS and ATM, Treasury and teller's cash management

Peter O Joakim - Intrasoft Technologies - Kenya

integration of  MIFOS   with  Mobile application , 

integration   with payroll module if possible 

compatibility  with  other  accounting  software  such as quick books, sage etc 

insurance  management  module  integration 

Fund  management  module(such  as  fund  transfer  to HO,  From other Branches)   

Chriss Ngure Mwadime - Intrasoft Technologies - Kenya

1. Customized interface. 
2. Easy installation (less software to use and time in installation). 
3. More better user friendly interface. 
4. Setting up of chart of accounts to be more easier. 
5. Change of theme color and anyone to easily create a report he/she requires

Kazeem Kolawole Durodoye - KKD Consulting - Nigeria

1. Integration with agency banking platforms 
2. Integration with Front End Processors (FEPs) for cash and cashless transactions 
3. Offline connectivity 
4. Integration with major Core Banking Systems like Finacle to enable Commercial Banks deploy Mifos X in the MFB arm and/or bulk-lend to MFBs and integration with RTGS systems for bulk settlements 
5. IFRS reporting capabilities and interface with major reporting and rating frameworks like microrate etc.

Zayyad Said - Intrasoft Technologies - Kenya

1. Real time Mobile Money Payments. 
2. SMS functionality to remind borrowers on due date for their loan. 
3. Offline mobile client application for loan officers.

David Kandia Masai - Rafiki Microfinance Bank - Kenya

1. Interoperatibility/allows diverse systems integrations 
2.scalability....robust to voluminous transactions and multiplicity 
3.Ease of use ...simplicity 
5.Malleability...thus innovative design to allow further innovations on the core system 

Samuel Mbithi Norman - Missions of Hope International - Kenya

Approving of collection Sheet i.e when some one post receipts to be approved and submitted by some one else

Ibrahim Sifuna Wanjala - Nuru International - Kenya

1. Additional features that give users the permission/rights to 
   generate, edit reports/transactions. 
2. Features to alert the users of any faulty transactions for 
  corrective action. 
3.Easy and simple that new employees can be trained and utilize 
  the software. 
4.Client protection 
5.Reports upgraded as soon as the data is recorded. 
6.Linkage to mobile gadgets that records, analyses and reports 
  activities per branch/division. 
7. Ability to generate reports at any time without necessarily living 
   to pentaho. 

Willice Ochieng Onyango - Wilcom Systems - Kenya

1) Comprehensive teller operations 
2) integration of Mifos to accomodate mobile money platforms 
3) Ability of mifos to integrate and have SMS banking/Alerts as module in it. 
4) Having Mifos X with already mapped accounts 
5) Having an installer for Mifos X.