Share Account Management and Dividend Payment

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Mifos X is being sought out by financial co-operative organizations (non-credit union/SACCO) as a solution to support their financial service offerings AND to pay stake holders dividends on their investments. 


Background and strategic fit

Strategic vision of The Mifos Initiative to support financial cooperatives.

Requirements/User Stories

#TitleUser StoryImportanceNotes
1Manage products for Share accountsAs an operations manager, I wish to define a deposit product that will be used to maintain member shares, balances and dividends paid to membersMust Have 
2Create share account for memberAs operations staff, I wish to create a share account for the member.Must Have 
3Apply for additional shares for memberStake holders (share holders) have the option to purchase additional sharesMust Have 
4Allow Recurring Deposits as shareShare holders may allow a regular recurring deposit transferred from their savings account into a share accountShould 
4Calculate dividends based on average daily balanceDividends should be calculated based on average daily balance to parity in paymentMust Have 
6Manage configurations for dividend calculations Must Have 
7Pre-View Calculated Dividend Must Have 
8Approve and Post Calculated Dividend Must Have 

Business Rules

Share accounts will be deposit accounts. There will be no interest rate that is associated to the shares account.

At the time of applying for the share account, the purchase price (unit price and number of shares must be captured) and any fees will be collected from client. The fee will be an income whereas the purchase price will be held in a suspense account (liability).

Once the application is approved, the amount will move from a suspense account to the liability account.

If application is rejected, the amount is repaid from the suspense account.

A member may purchase additional shares which will follow the same process.




Number of shares  
Value of shares  

Share Product Attributes

While creating a shares product, we need to capture the following attributes

Product Name, Short Name, Description, Currency, decimal places, multiples of, Total number of shares, Total shares to be issued, Unit/Nominal Price, Total Share Capital (system will auto calculates), Suspense account,Equity account, Total number of shares to be allotted per client (min, default, max), Market Price (Date, Value), Charges applicable, Calculate Dividend for members who are no longer active (yes/no), Lock in Period (in Days, Weeks, Months, Years), Minimum active period For dividends (in days/weeks/months/years)

Share Account Attributes

While creating a share account, we need to capture the following attributes

Client Id, Share product Id, Submitted On, Approved On, Field Officer, External Id, Currency, Decimal Places, Currency Multiples of, Number of shares [date, number, Market Price], Suspense Account, Equity Account, Link Savings Account number for Dividends, Lock In Period, Minimum Active Period, Calculate Dividend for members who are no longer active (yes/no), Charges (Purchase Charges, Redeem Charges)

Security and Permissions

New permissions needed for the following:

  • Create / List / View / Edit Share products
  • Create / View / Edit Share accounts
  • Apply for Shares
  • Post Dividend
  • Manage Configurations for Dividend Calculation
  • Pre-View Calculated Dividend
  • Approve and Post Calculated Dividend

Mifos Functionality Enhancements

New Screens

Share Products:

  • Listing
  • New/Create
  • Edit

Share Accounts:

  • All screens similar to Savings account except the following
  • Deposit --> to be changed to --> Purchase shares
  • Withdraw --> to be changed to --> Redeem shares
  • Transfer funds --> to be changed to --> Transfer shares

All transactions to have share reference, number of shares and value of shares

Changes to Existing Screens

Option to create new Share Products from Admin screens

Option to create new Shares account from member screens

Changes/Enhancements to Batch Jobs

A new batch job is needed (which will always be invoked manually) to compute dividends based on average share account balances.

Dividends will be calculated based on the following configurations which may be captured and stored for each period where calculations are to be done:

a) Calculate Dividend for members who are no longer active (True/False)

b) Minimum active period (in days/weeks/months) for member to be eligible for dividend (Numeric + period type)

c) Amount to be distributed or percentage of profits to be distributed

d) Dividend to be calculated based on (Daily balances, monthly balances etc)

e) Balance to be considered between (Two dates)

Changes/Enhancements to Accounting Entries

Additional account heads to be captured (similar to Savings accounts):

  • Suspense account for share application money

User interaction and design

Exception Handling



API to link loan modules to Shares module ( also modify savings products to have this API linkage) for automatic management of Compulsory Savings needed for Loan proceeds. e.g 20,000 loan may require one to have 3 shares and 15% loan amount as compulsory savings, 45,000 loan may require 5 shares and 15% loan amount as compulsory savings and this should be a loan checker hence if condition is not met then loan proceeds fails.

Product Level API(s)

List all Share Products

Request Method: GET

Get Share Product Details

Request Method: GET

Preview of the Dividend Calculation for Individual Accounts

Request Method: GET

Template for Share Product Creation

Request Method: GET

Modify Share Product

Request Method: PUT

Create a Share Product

Request Method: POST

Post Dividends to Individual Accounts

Request Method: POST

Account Level API(s)

Template(s) for Share Account Creation

Request Method: GET

Retrieve All Client Accounts (including share accounts)

Request Method: GET

Retrieve Share Account Details

Request Method: GET

Create Share Account

Request Method: POST

Update Share Account

Request Method: PUT

Approve Share Account

Request Method: POST

Apply for Additional Shares

Request Method: POST

Approve Additional Shares request

Request Method: POST



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