Mobile App UI Library


Across all our mobile apps, there are common screens and workflows with a lot of redundant and inconsistent design and development from scratch. The creation of a UI library of commonly shared components and design standards and guidelines would enable the following:

  • Improve developer experience and ease of development

  • Create a consistent look and feel of UIs for all apps

  • Defined process for updating User Experience of apps.

  • Develop common UI library to ensure consistency of all apps

  • Could potentially be a valuable upstream project in and of itself to create mobile fintech apps


Ultimately the UI library will consist of the following components:

  • Common UI library

  • UI Designs

  • UI Guidelines/Standards

  • UX Documentation

    • other scope for common error messages, elements.

  • Open Banking Fintech App can be used as a reference implementation of UI library




External Components to be Leveraged

Research into external libraries and components that can be utilized can be included here.