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Target releaseMifos X 16.xx
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  • Integrate Mifos with mobile money platforms so data can be synchronized with the disbursements, repayments, and deposits being initiated through the mobile money platform.
  • It can enable financial institutions to go completely paperless once mobile money is rolled out and integrated with the core banking system.

Background and strategic fit

Mobile Money is in high demand across Mifos users worldwide yet it still has not been as widely adopted by our customer base because of the need for access to Open APIs from the mobile money providers and hence our ability to integrate with their mobile money systems.

Integration from a technical standpoint once the API is made available from the mobile money provider isn't a large amount of work but getting the specific use cases and requirements needed for mobile money integration is critical and we can only move forward if users and partners in the community express the specific requirements they have. Musoni Services has integrated with various mobile money providers throughout Sub-Saharan Africa via Musoni System which is built on top of the Mifos X platform

The following provides good background on mobile money integration:


  • Requirements must be driven by implementation by a specific customer or partner
  • Preference is to do API-level integration if available, will only do file-level integration if that is the option. 


CustomerLocationDescriptionStatusMobile Money ProviderAPI or File-LevelUSSD GatewayDigital Currency
Financial Institution NameCountryOverview of Requirements

Intrasoft TechnologiesKenya

M-Pesa (Safaricom)File-Level but access to APIs is now available

Digamber Finance

Nuru International




Valee SACCOUganda
In Development by Omexit

Airtel Money

MTN Money

API but only through integrators - working with Beyonic. Alternatives are Yo Pay.

Cameroon - Emmanuel NganyuCameroon
In Discussion
API but access is slowly opening up.

World ReliefRwanda




#TitleUser StoryImportanceNotes
1Deposit into Savings AccountAs a client I should be able to deposit money into my savings account from my mobile money accountMust Have
2Withdraw from Savings AccountAs a client I should be able to withdraw money from my savings account into my mobile money accountMust Have
3Loan DisbursementAs a client I should be able to receive disbursed loan with my mobile money aacountMust Have
4Loan RepaymentAs a client I should be able to repay my loan balance using my mobile money account.Must Have

User interaction and design

Database Design


Below is a list of questions to be addressed as a result of this requirements document:


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