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With Mifos X for the first time, our community has a true platform that enables financial institutions to utilize a full set of RESTful APIs to integrate Mifos X with any other system, device, network, or platform and to build out a variety of modules, apps, or new tools that take advantage of the platform. Mifos X is the platform which will enable financial institutions to make the transition to digital financial services leveraging the power of mobile to reach further than ever before.


Current Priorities

  • Mobile Enablement Tools: Devices and interfaces that allow field staff to use Mifos on the go, directly out in the field with their customers. 
    • Native mobile app: Android-based app allowing field staff to conduct transactions and retrieve basic data in the field.  MIFOSX-707 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Tablet app: Android-based tablet app allowing field staff to conduct surveys and collect more detailed client data in the field.
    • Cross-platform web app: Either using responsive design and our AngularJS app or PhoneGap to optimize display of Mifos X across devices
    • Integration with apps like QMobile - Qloud Inclusión's mobile enablement tool that integrates with Mifos X. 
  • Mobile Payments
    • Mobile Money Integration: Integration with leading mobile money platforms like m-pesa. 
  • Mobile as Delivery Channel: Empowering others to build apps that leverage mobile as a delivery channel for loans, micro-savings, etc. 
    • Support for Business Correspondent and Agent Banking operational models. 
    • Integration with Inventure - SMS-based financial management tools and mobile credit scoring. 
  • Mobile Banking
    • SMS Notifications: Enabling outbound SMS notifications to inform clients of upcoming meetings, account balances, repayments due. See Outbound SMS
    • Inbound SMS: Enabling end users to receive account information by sending shortcodes. 
  • Data Migration:
    • Move to Mifos X: Kettle-based migration tool for migrating your data from Mifos 2.x to  Mifos X -
    • Excel-Based Data Import Tool: Excel-based data import tool built by Avik Ganguly as part of Google Summer of Code 2013. 
  • Offline Capability: Enabling Mifos X to be used in environments with poor and intermittent connectivity (offline data sync & upload) (scheduled for Q3 2014)
  • App Ecosystem: Extending the platform and building out infrastructure to allow end users to easily discover and activate modules and apps for the Mifos X platform. 




Previous Priorities

Various projects being worked on currently fall under the External Apps Team

  • REST APIs: SolDevelo and Udai are gradually exposing more of the Mifos application via REST APIs and service calls. DONE IN MIFOS X
  • Mobile Android Client: SolDevelo is leading efforts to help extend MFI outreach further afield via Mifos Android Client providing a smartphone interface for accessing Mifos. SEEKING VOLUNTEERS FOR MIFOS X ANDROID APP
  • SMS Application:  In many regions, the smartphone is not yet an appropriate and affordable tool for accessing data yet the mobile phone is. Work is underway being led by Michael Vorburger to build an  SMS application. FrontlineSMS is being used as the foundation for this app. SEEKING VOLUNTEERS
  • Offline Data Collection: Udai and Conflux Technologies are completing work on an offline data collection tool and client.  SCHEDULED IN 2014 ROADMAP
  • Data Migration Toolkit: Community members are working with SunGard to advance the Data Migration Toolkit to provide one configurable, replicable, user-friendly, tool for migrating historical data into Mifos. Improved performance, support for Mifos 2.2, and migration of savings accounts are currently being prioritized.INCORPORATING NEW TOOLS
  • Additional projects requested and in progress include import tools, continued m-pesa integration, and additional mobile projects

Status Updates

Links to progress and notes ongoing projects/tasks will be shared here. 

Meeting Schedule

The date and frequency of the reporting meetings will be posted here. 

Get Involved

Want to join the team and assist with building these plugins, modules, and tools? Email the team lead. Have an issue you want the team to work on? Send an email to the reporting team lead or log it as feature request with the label, "external-apps". 

Meet the Team

The reporting team is made up of the following community members: