Reporting_Batch job stories for 1.1

Reporting and Batch stories for 1.1 (in addition to Reports Improvement work.)

1) Make sure the existing reporting infrastructure is rock-solid. Create bugs on any issues seen. (KEITH) 2) Add code and/or documentation to improve how Mifos deals with database indexes. 3) Test Collection Sheet batch job with index improvements. Publish differences in time on small and large MFIs. (BETH) 4) Give suggestions to TW on how to modify Branch Progress Report to match with our ideal architecture.(KEITH) 5) Build Time Dimension using Talend. Make sure to use SCD components in Talend. (RAVI) 6) Add code and/or create documention on how to integrate Talend code with existing batch system. (KEITH/RAVI) 7) Build Client dimension(s) using Talend (RAVI) 8) Add code to read db info from context instead of having the connection information hard-coded (BETH/RAVI) 9) Integrate Client and time dimension batch jobs into Mifos. 10) Build first fact table using Talend (client_status_trans_fact) 11) Build additional fact tables needed for Financial Indicators Report 12) Build BIRT Financial Indicators Report 13) Additional Talend tables to be fleshed out for next reports