Technology For Microfinance Consortium

We are forming a consortium of like-minded MFIs to work with us to define, develop, and deploy the complete solution - incorporating people, process, and technology - that enables MFIs to scale in order to achieve their social mission and business goals. We are initially selecting twelve MFIs. As a charter member, you will be subsidized by the Grameen Foundation Technology Center and will be the first to receive the benefits of the complete solution.

After the initial twelve, the consortium will continue with the guidance of the Grameen Foundation Technology Center. It will be an ongoing cooperative association of MFIs that will take on the role of continuously improving, extending, and certifying the complete solution for the benefit of the entire microfinance industry.

High Profile

  • Visionary management & board
  • Highly regarded in their region
  • Want to be an industry leader

High Growth

  • 20 - 250K clients
  • 2 year growth track record
  • Aggressive growth plans

Full Commitment

  • Willing to invest time, money, and human resources
  • Willing to share and collaborate with other MFIs

Here is the full Technology for Microfinance Consortium brochure.