Mingle Process

DEPRECATED - we have moved to Jira - please see Jira Process for information.

http://mingle.mifos.org (anonymous user: "readonly", password: "readonly")

Story Hierarchy

Ultimate Epic > Epic Story > User Story > Dev Task

Statuses in order of Transition

New: New cards entered

Ready for Estimation: PM moves to Ready for Estimation when story description, use cases are complete and it is time for developers to enter in Planning estimate

Estimation Complete: Dev enters in Planning Estimate, and then moves card to Ready for Development. Follow procedure below.

Start Development: Dev marks as this status when development is in progress for particular User story

Development Complete: Dev moves the card to this status when story is completed (or bug is fixed), and it is ready for PM to verify. Make sure the "Development Done in Iteration" is filled out.

Showcase Complete: After PM has verified the story works and is ready for showcase and testing, PM moves card to Ready for Testing.

Ready for Deployment: QA moves story to this status once testing is completed.

Deleted: Cards are moved to this status when deleted


  • Release - work that MUST be completed for release - this includes both core dev work, and sys administration that we need to do
  • Product - work that isn't necessary for us to release
  • Miscellaneous - these are just cards that are overhead - for example, helping with CGAP, Mifos Live, etc.

Add user story for release

To add a new user story, add a new card in the epic you want to add the user story to. Fill out the following at minimum.

Release this story should fall in Story Hierarchy - make sure to fill out story hierarchy it belongs in.   Add estimate for a new card in release - click on Estimation Complete transition +++++

Add estimate for user story

Use "Estimation Complete" transition

Fill out the following:

Card Added In - current iteration number (should be defaulted to this) Estimate - add in your estimate Priority - choose the right priority

Delete Placeholder user story card

If a placeholder exists in the epic you are adding a user story too, then use the Rip It Up transition to remove the placeholder. This will delete those points in the placeholder to make way for the new points.

Delete a card

If a story needs to be split into more stories, or removed, or Placeholder needs to be deleted, use the "Rip it up" transition which follows this process:

Status - move this to "Deleted" Deleted in Iteration - current iteration number Iteration Scheduled - (not set) Story Hierarchy - move card to Deleted User Stories epic in story hierarchy