Ant to Maven Migration


Please email the mifos-developer list if you are interested in helping on this project.


Assist the Mifos team migrating our build system from Ant to Maven.

Time Estimate

~80 total hours, project can be done in steps.

Prerequisite experience

Experience with Java and Ant is required.  Experience with Maven, Eclipse IDE and WTP highly desired.


We currently use Ant to build Mifos and would like to use Maven instead as it is more powerful, allow us to use our Selenium-based acceptance test framework, and reduce our overhead in managing dependencies.


Migration to Maven can be done in small steps, and they are detailed here - Maven Migration.

The task most needed is to make Maven manage dependencies for Ant. Currently, all the jars that Mifos depends on are in Subversion, in the mifos/lib/ directory. We would like to use Maven to handle the dependencies, and remove all the jars from this directory. Instead, Maven will build the lib/ directory using Maven artifacts when invoked.