Update Mifos User Manual for Mifos 1.6


The Mifos User Manual is a core piece of documentation to assist users in properly configuring and using the Mifos software on a day to day basis. We recently shipped our latest release, Mifos 1.6, on July 27, 2010. The User Manual currently only is up to date as of our Mifos 1.5 release. Significant new functionality including branch-level holidays and moratoriums have since been added. We're seeking a volunteer with strong documentation/tech writing skills to update the User Manual to provide coverage of latest functionality. Our user manual is now easily maintained and updated in a convenient online tool, FLOSS Manuals.


Active - This could be you!


Please email mifos@grameenfoundation.org if you are interested in helping on this project.


Ed Cable

Current Volunteer(s)

We want this to be you!

Time Estimate

5-10 hours

Prerequisite experience

  • Previous experience writing user or technical documentation
  • Experience writing documentation for business applications/software.
  • Knowledge of microfinance or financial services is helpful.


The Mifos User Manual needs new sections written and current sections adjusted to properly document how to use and configure the new branch-level holidays and payment moratoriums features.

Documentation will be drafted based on the functional specifications which provide a detailed overview of various use cases of how the feature is used. Volunteer will write the following, based on the functional specifications:

  • Short one to page paragraph explaining the difference holisdays at the branch and head office level
  • Several paragraphs explaining moratoriums and how these take precedence over holidays
  • update current How to Work With Holidays section by creating new sections with step by step instructions on: _ How to add a new holiday at the branch level. _ How to add a payment moratorium.

User documentation will be written according to our style guidelines in FLOSS Manuals and will include relevant product screenshots.