PITR = "Point-in-Time (Incremental) Recovery"


create/drop db in binlogs

If "create/drop database" are included in mysqlbinlog for database X, --one-database cannot be used to restore database X, but "mysqlbinlog --database" might be a workaround. See .

mysql --one-database

disable binlog during PITR

use "mysqlbinlog --disable-log-bin", and the decoded binlog will include a statement to disable binary logging

mysqlbinlog example

mysqlbinlog --database mifos --disable-log-bin -vv --stop-datetime "2010-06-25 16:00:00" /mysql-bin.0* > /tmp/out.sql

don't hand-edit decoded binlog

example error caused by this:

ERROR 1609 (HY000) at line 53: The BINLOG statement of type `Table_map` was not preceded by a format description BINLOG statement.

"at" and "end_log_pos" are byte offsets

These values appear in decoded binary logs, and correspond to byte offsets in the actual binary log(s).