Capturing additional details of the clients family


This is to capture additional information of the clients family.


There is ongoing development work to implement this feature.

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Feature Summary

Currently mifos captures family information of a client. But it can only be one relative, from spouse or father. This feature is being implemented so that the MIS is capable of capturing information regarding the other dependent family members.

Feature Description

The fields that will be captured for each family member will be first name, middle name, last name, relationship, gender, date of birth, living status ( This is to learn whether the person is living with the client or not).

There will be a configuration property in the file:


That will be used to specify whether this feature needs to be turned on or not. If its turned off the flow in the application will not be any different than before.

Possible Additional Configuration properties

Currently there is one additional configuration property that lets the MFI specify the maximum number of family members that can be entered.

There will probably be additional properties that will be mainly to do with validations.