Enforcing age range for new clients


Enforcing age range for new clients


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Feature Summary

This feature was added so that all the dates entered in the Mifos create new client page are such that the clients age is within the age range specified by the MFI.


When Grameen Koota came out with this problem their need was to have a validation that would make sure that dates entered are not unacceptably old. Clearly this was just a case of maximum age. On more probing they told us that it would also be more suitable to have a minimum age for the client too.So the need to have age ranges. Range specification clearly cannot be hard coded into the code, it was thought that it would be better to have it as a configurable value available in the configurations file for the application.

Feature Description

The age ranges are specified in the file:


New Properties

ClientRules.MaximumAgeForNewClients is for specifying the maximum age,

0 implies that there is no maximum age limit
ClientRules.MinimumAgeForNewClients is for specifying the minimum age,

0 implies that there is no minimum age limit

The error will be reflected in the create new client page.

Possible areas that are being explored

Currently an idea to tie this range to the products is being explored. This is mainly to account for the fact that a MFI may want to award loans to a client who doesn't fall in this age range criteria.