Non-Free Development Tools

What You'll Find here

This is a collection of recommendations for non-FLOSS development tools. Please include justification why the tool is needed: perhaps a similar FLOSS tool is not available or does not include an indispensable feature.

The Mifos development team generally advocates the use of FLOSS development tools since this reduces the barrier to entry for developers worldwide by guaranteeing tool availability and helps avoid vendor lock-in.

However, Mifos recognizes that certain jobs may be difficult or impossible without using non-FLOSS tools. If there is a strong justification for use of a non-FLOSS tool, please feel free to add it to this page.

See Development Tools for the core set of FLOSS development tools recommended by Mifos developers.

Database Development


DBVisualizer is a Java-based database client. DBVisualizer shows the database references used by a table graphically. As Mifos has a lot of references between tables, it helps in accelerating the navigation through the database. PLEASE ADD JUSTIFICATION, AS MENTIONED ABOVE

Load Testing


Voice Calls

Skype is used by all of the development team because of its effectiveness at traversing firewalls and the relatively high learning curve for tools like Ekiga softphone.

Screen Sharing

Hamachi VNC works for screen sharing (also known as "pairing up") between two or three parties. Hamachi is needed for hosting a screen share from Linux and Mac OS X boxen until dimdim works for hosting via these platforms.