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Sponsor portal for donors and investors


Feature Summary

  • The sponsor portal would be used to track the impact of funds provided by donors and/or investors in the MFI.  The donor/investor would be able to login to the portal and see detailed information on giving history, the current utilized portion of the funds, the loans that have been disbursed with the funds, the profiles of the clients to whom the loans belong, and impact tracking (if available).

Background and strategic fit

  • For institutions interested in providing transparent reporting to donors/investors, the sponsor portal would provide a scalable platform to do so, achieving greater depth with less manual report preparation.  Improving relations with donors/investors helps establish long-term access to funding to fulfill the organization's mission.

Feature Requirements

Requirements/User Stories

In this section provide as much detail as possible about the business processes and user stories the new feature would support as well as step-by-step instructions for how it would be used. When writing the step-by-step instructions you should consider all the different scenarios a user might encounter in working with the new feature. Typically these scenarios are broken down into two types. - primary and alternate flows.

First focus on documenting the primary flows - these are the most common ways a user would interact with a feature. 

Keep each user story concise and simple i.e. As a <type of user>, I want <some goal> so that <some reason>. These can broken down further into smaller more detailed user stories. Please see these resources for tips on writing good user stories

#TitleUser StoryImportanceNotes

Sponsor accounts showing group/individual loans with funding history

As a communications specialist, I need access to the system to see the different donations and account movement of the sponsor. The access should be accessible as an administrator, but should also include a view that displays the information as the donor sees it

Must Have 

Tabular reports on fund history

As a communications specialist, I need access to tabular reporting of the loans funded by donors/investors in order to prepare summaries to share with donors/investors.

Must Have 

Consolidated reports on all donors/investors

As a communications specialist (or finance officer), I quick access to summary information on donors/investors both for reporting and for knowing the available amounts in the various funds from which we can disburse loans.

Must Have 

Access to client information

As an donor/investor, I would like know details about the individuals who are being funded from my donation/loan in order to track the stewardship of the funds and reduce the perceived distance from the end beneficiaries.

Nice to Have 

Business Rules



Security and Permissions

Mifos Functionality Enhancements

New Screens

Changes to Existing Screens

Changes/Enhancements to Batch Jobs

Changes/Enhancements to Accounting Entries

User interaction and design

Exception Handling





Below is a list of questions to be addressed as a result of this requirements document:


Is the current Client Impact Portal sufficient to meet our requirements? Is it easy to customize?

Do the funds displayed in the Client Impact Portal map to the fund feature in the Mifos X user interface (from which loans can be disbursed, etc.)?pending...

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