[GSoC'20] 01-06-2020-meeting-2


Jun 1, 2020


  • @Yash Khare

  • @Nayan Ambali


  • Discussion on how to proceed with the Vision PPI Project

Discussion topics





Some more introduction about Yash

  • Yash is a second year, in his 4th semester, pursuing Computer Science.

  • He has completed classes on Data Structures, Object Oriented Programming, Design and Analysis of Algorithms and Operating Systems.

Code is not the most important part of a project

  • Although code is important, it makes up only 5-10% of a project.

  • The main part is creating a proper plan which will actually be successful.

Human connection in a team is very important

  • When working in a team, establishing a human connection is more important rather than telling people to do work.

  • If there is a good connection between all the team members, there will be good coordination, which help help in developing a good product.

Work decided to be done

  • Making a resource which makes PPI easily understandable in layman terms

  • Do some more research about the Vision PPI project and it's end use and make a definite plan for working on it