Organisations that use PPI

A few organisations that use PPI while providing their services are:

  1. Acumen: PPI is fast becoming one of the most effective tools used by Acumen for measuring social change quickly and efficiently. Critical to Acumen’s work in poverty alleviation is the need to measure and validate how far our investments can go in reaching and improving the lives of the poor. The most efficient way to get these measurements are done by Acumen by using PPI.

  2. EDA Rural Systems Private Limited: The PPI is a practical tool that helps EDA to track whether they are indeed serving poor people, and seeing progress out of poverty. It helps by simplifying the measurement (the complications of trying to calculate per capita household expenditure) and enabling EDA to benchmark against specified poverty lines of a country. EDA applies PPI routinely as part of ongoing monitoring of operations, and the data can be analysed to show to what extent they are reaching say the poorer 20% or  40% of the population, or those below the ‘$1.25 line’. EDA also includes the PPI as part of their training programs with MFIs and other development practitioners, and also as part of development research. 

  3. CARD MRI: CARD MRI obtains objective poverty data on their clients with the help of PPI and Grameen Foundation's guidance on analysis. The PPI has become the conscience of the institution.

  4. InterMedia: The PPI allows InterMedia to calculate a poverty level with 10 short, easy-to-answer questions, which gives them more time to ask other questions needed for their research.

  5. Friendship Bridge: The PPI has become an essential tool in the monitoring and evaluation system at Friendship Bridge. Not only is the information used to guide organizational strategy, but the comprehensive system is used to carefully track social performance and alert staff to future program changes and enhancements. Ultimately, this allows Friendship Bridge to provide the right products and services to keep clients advancing along the Continuum to affect change on a community scale.