Data Analytics & Client Insight - Are we making an impact? (Client Impact Portal demo)

Summarized Takeaways

Craig Chelius

  1. (MFI Perspective) They want a social performance metrics portal, not investor portal
    1. Investors care about the MFI and how they're doing more so than how their individual investment is done.
  2. Liked the idea of one view of client data in seperate portal (dashboard, consolidated view of client info)
    1. Social performance measurement approaches could be PPI or MPAT - probably start with PPI
  3. Like to be able to roll up to fund/product level

Steve Thomson

  1. Add Trending Information – Generally, the type of information being displayed seems to be good, but there is a lot of desire to see trending information to give more context to the score. Is it moving in the right direction? Ie. for the PPI score: is a score of 30 good? It is if a few months ago the score was 20, but not if the score was 40.
  2. MFI’s not overly interested in Client-level Data – Generally, the MFI’s were more interested in seeing aggregated data within their organization (ie Centre/Branch/Enterprise) levels. There seems to be less interest in client-level data, particularly giving it to third-parties such as investors or organizations like KIVA
    1. Despite the above business concerns, my personal belief is that architecturally we should support drilling down to the individual level.  It will help MFI’s to support growing Peer-to-Peer and Peer-to-Peer-styled lending sites like KIVA, MyC4 and Rang De. Client-level analysis should be beneficial for program evaluation to determine what interventions are and are not working
  3. Access to Client-Level Data May Create Privacy Issues – There was some concern that access to client-level data may create privacy issues. Of course this depends on what information is provided, the jurisdiction of the MFI, and the legal agreements between the MFI and the client.  It does suggest that we’ll need a ‘privacy’ flag within MIFOS (if it’s not already there) so client-level data is only shared where permitted (ie. when explicit permission by the client has been granted to the FI).
  4. API to connect to SPTF Reporting System and Peer-Lending Sites – I don’t know if you’ve considered it, but an API from the portal might make sense for connecting to various peer lending sites like Kiva. Rang De was at the Jaipur summit, and I can introduce you to their President, Chaitanya Nadkarny, who used to be with Thoughtworks; although you may already know him.

Ed Cable

    SPM Metrics at an aggregate
    1. For both MFIs and investors, organization-wide, we need to show SPM metrics at aggregate level to help depict overall trends for the organization and its clients.
  2. Filtering and Aggregation at Different Levels 
    1. Internally and externally, this client impact portal presents great possibilities and hence need ability to filter at different levels - country, region, group, individual, etc.
  3. Authentication and Privacy Concerns
    1. Different stakeholders will have different views of data because of their own concerns
      1. Internally based on level of seniority and position in the organization
      2. Externally - multi-organization view and drilldown to client is very promising - but must explore how this can done to uphold client privacy and be inline with local regulations for this data.
      3. External authentication also opens up possibility for client online/SMS banking 
  4. Front-End Data Capture
    1. Still need a clear story on the front-end data capture tools as its clear that for many metrics like MPat - the hard part lies in the process and data collection in the field:
    2. Solutions like QMobile and InVenture's Insight tools provide strong models of how to capture both social performance and transactional data in the field via mobile devices. 

Raw Notes

Background on Client Impact Portal

Client Management Component of Mifos X 

  •  Keith is starting to double down on the client management
  • High level proof of concept 
  • Captures once centralized client record
  • All information is aggregated into aggregated client record
Levels of Aggregation
  • Fund Level
    • Show snapshot  of the fund level, shows aggregate SPM scores if needed.
  • Loan Level
  • 3 aspects of this aggregation of this information into client record
  • Rolling up into categories.


  1. Where does this exist relative to Mifos X?
    1. Portal - stand-alone existence outside of main database - accessible across internet - various levels of access to stakeholders. 
    2. P2P lending network - who can see what. without accessing actual backbone.
    3. All about transparency - transparency down to client for all stakeholders with all appropriate permissions.
  2. Which SPM metrics does this support?
    1. Inquire from Chris about MPAT - can share the names of the their district managers who are leading MPAT data gathering process.
    2. Craig: this is agnostic to methodology as long as data is captured.
    3. Hard part is work process, field process, measurement process  -
  3. Can client see their statements. (Raj)
    1. Craig: Yes - the portal is simply one view, the authentication and external view into clients across multiple organizations. 
    2. Ed: This authentication can open up the possibilities of online/SMS banking to give clients direct access to their accounts. 
  4. Is this like a CRM - can an institution be used like institutions like a CRM? (Arun)

Feedback by Organization

Suresh from Grameen Koota

  • How did we determine levels of aggregation -  MFI level, at a fund level, etc.
  • Craig: keith started with one stakeholder in mind, an investor - skewed to what an investor might see - there are other stakeholders besides investors.
    • Fund --> Loan --> Client 
  • Suresh: This whole thing - at MFI level, there's a gap here - starting off from perspective of an investor.
    • Gap in terms of perspective of investor, at an MFI level, want to see how the organization is performing as a whole in terms of SPM.
    • Need to know at an aggregate level - what is trend of SPM? 
      • PPI Tracking client movement out of poverty - know what is happening at point in time, SPM is performance over time - positive results or negative results
  • As management and investor:
    • For all clients, need to know how many have moved and in what buckets - as an institution, measure of SPM would like to see.
    • MFI level: Want to provide loans only to people in this category/range of scores.

Chris Isele from Nuru:

  • I would like to see breakdown at these levels: Country >> Region >> Group >> Individual 
  • Management:
    • See and compare the MPAT scores from country to country, can drill down and see what is happening at the client level.
    • Compare how loan officers are doing from group to group
  • External funder
    • One trust sponsors just Kenya operations - build in levels and get as general or specific as possible. 
    • International organization would have full view but one investor might see xyz clients that they're logged in. So an investor might only be able to see palestine clients, or a P2P investor could only see clients they're funding.

Michelle from Al Majmoua

Differentiating the Client Impact Portal from Reporting
  • Deals with many lenders - each has their own need and objectives - some only want to work in Palestine camps. some only with women, each lender has its own reporting and system and wants specific data - client, portfolio, financial - ratios that cannot generate from Mifos.
  • Craig: Configure the portal and put all functionalities that you want - each investor could have a different page.
  • Arun: this is more for a client portal, reporting would still be separate

Arun from Grameen Koota

  • Arun: as investor, only think people want a organization-level view, not sure how this could be looked at from one individual-level perspective. 
  • Primary report/view should be organization-wide.
    • Reports - organization, universal SPM standards - should be a way to incorporate that and see what is that the MFI are doing 

Esther from Missions of Hope (

  • Esther: different lenders or different donors want different things, most investors want to see if money creating an impact down there. For our BigDent site, funders want to know what is impact they're having - still within an interest of investor to know. 
    • Ed: Kiva might have same need for this data. 

Privacy Issues

  • Suresh: wouldn't share client-level data with the lender.
  • Would also depend on privacy regulations around the client data - that is one principle of Client Protectionism  - protecting client data.
  • Steve: enable true p2p lending - could sponsor loan for an individual and take control of that loan. 
  • Chris: internal - large spectrum of data, 
  • Craig: map status of person to authentication to level of data they're able to see.
    • Steve: really have to understand the privacy regulations.