Application Template

Students interested in working on a Mifos project in the Google Summer of Code should answer the questions below in their application.


  • keep answers terse and to the point
  • "N/A" is fine for "not applicable"
  • please include the question texts in your application and clearly delineate the questions from your responses
  • skipping questions is ok
  • also see our frequently asked questions


  1. Project idea:
  2. Briefly cover what you expect to complete in this project and when including a detailed description of the project and a project plan. 
  3. Why are you the right person for this project?
  4. If in college, current area of study:
  5. Contact information and preferred method of contact (email, Gitter ID, Skype id, telephone number, time zone):
  6. Career goals:
  7. Please share any links to source code you have written or websites you have built. 
  8. If you have visited our Gitter channel, what nickname did you use?
  9. Have you contributed to other open source projects? If so, which?
  10. Have you any previous experience with Angular/Java/Spring/Hibernate/MySQL/Android?
  11. What other commitments do you have this summer? 
  12. Have you deployed and run the Apache Fineract platform ( and the reference user interface ( or
  13. Have you submitted any patches or source code to Mifos or Apache Fineract yet? Please provides links to the commit in GitHub or the JIRA ticket (students looking to be seriously considered should make at least one submission)
  14. What motivates you the most about working with the Mifos Initiative for Google Summer of Code? 
  15. Have you previously participated in the Google Summer of Code?
  16. Are you applying to multiple organizations this year?
  17. If you answered "yes" to the last question, which is your first choice?