2017 Google Summer of Code

The 2017 Google Summer of Code application period has opened. The Mifos Initiative will be applying as a mentoring organization and hopes to be selected once again in 2017. Applications are due by February 9 and accepted orgs will be announced by February 27. 

2017 Google Summer of Code Timeline

Please see Google Summer of Code website for the full program timeline. Here are a few key dates and their current status: 




09 February: 1600 UTCMentoring organization application deadline

27 February: 1600 UTC

List of accepted mentoring organizations published on the Google Summer of Code 2017 site.

Interim Period:

Would-be students discuss project ideas with potential mentoring organizations.

20 March - 03 April

Student application period

Interim Period:

Mentoring organizations review and rank student proposals; where necessary, mentoring organizations may request further proposal detail from the student applicant.

Slot allocations published to mentoring organizations

May 4: 1600 UTC

Accepted student proposals announced on the Google Summer of Code 2016 site.

Community Bonding Period:

Students get to know mentors, read documentation, get up to speed to begin working on their projects.

30 May:

Students begin coding for their Google Summer of Code projects

30 June: 1600 UTC

Phase 1 Evaluation deadline; Google begins issuing student payments

24 July: 1600 UTCPhase 2 Evaluation deadline

17 August:

Suggested 'pencils down' date. Take a week to scrub code, write tests, improve documentation, etc.

21 August - 29 August: 1600 UTC

Students tidy code, write tests, improve documentation and submit their code sample. Students also submit their final mentor evaluation.

29 August - September 5: 1600 UTC

Mentors submit final student evaluations.

6 September

Final results of Google Summer of Code 2015 announced

Late October

Mentor Summit at Google:

2017 Interns






Time Zone


Android Field Officer App Version 4.0


IST (GMT +5:30)


Android Field Officer App Version 4.0


IST (GMT +5:30)

AndroidAndroid Self-Service App Version 2.0IndiaIST (GMT +5:30)

Naman Dwivedi

AndroidMobile Wallet Framework integrated with the UPIIndiaIST (GMT +5:30)

Web Apps

Web App Enhancements & Refactoring


IST (GMT +5:30)

Raunak Sett

Web AppsWeb Self-Service AppIndiaIST (GMT +5:30)

Web Apps

Browser-Based Offline Access


IST (GMT +5:30)

Web AppsNotifications Framework 2.0CameroonWAT (GMT +1:00)
Vladimir Fomene

MobileMobile Money Integration Phase 2.0GhanaWAT (GMT +1:00)

Platform & IntegrationData Import Tool Integration & EnhancementsSri LankaSLST (GMT +5:30)

Platform & IntegrationTwo-Factor AuthenticationBulgariaEET (GMC +2:00)

Thisura Philips

Modules & IntegrationStatic Analysis of Apache FineractSri LankaSLST (GMT +5:30)

Recap from our Last GSOC - 2016

We documented their incredible summer in several posts to our blog:

Some posts from 2014 as well: