Mifos Configuration Locations

Directories (also called folders) where Mifos (version 1.3 and later) will look for configuration files during runtime and tests. Configuration files are searched for in the following places:

  • environment variable MIFOS_CONF, eg.
    set MIFOS_CONF=C:\mifos_conf
    • recommended if you don't like the next choice
  • .mifos directory under user's home directory
    • this is the generally the easiest option
    • if this directory does not exist, it must be manually created
    • Windows XP
      • <installation_drive>:\Documents and Settings\<user>\.mifos
      • eg. C:\Documents and Settings\John\.mifos
      • use cmd.exe to create the .mifos folder in your home directory, like: "mkdir .mifos".
    • Linux/Mac... $HOME/.mifos
  • Java System property mifos.confonly intended for developer use
  • org/mifos/config/resources on the classpath – only intended for developer use

The Mifos Configuration Location is used for:


Running more than once instance of Mifos on the same server.

To do this, use a separate tomcat startup (tomcat/bin) script for each instance, and set the environment variable MIFOS_CONF before launching the tomcat server. Alternatively, you can

  • set the Java system property mifos.conf
  • use different system users for each instance of Mifos

See also: http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.finance.mifos.devel/6070