Maven Acceptance Tests

Acceptance tests

  • All acceptance test are run on the ci server. With upcoming changes noted in the first stage on the ci server will run the "smoke" group of test to ensure the application is up and running. A second stage will execute all acceptance tests.
  • For developers, the default group of acceptance tests is the "smoke" group. This group only consists of 5 tests that do the following tasks:

Test class: org.mifos.test.acceptance.client.ClientTest

Test class:

Test class: org.mifos.test.acceptance.savings.CreateSavingsAccountTest

Test class:

Test class:

  • This small group of tests speeds up the developer build. However, if you have risky changes to commit, please

Running from the command line

  • The smoke group of acceptance test are run as part of mvn clean install
  • To run all acceptance tests, cd to the acceptance tests directory and run mvn clean test. See Running Acceptance Tests from more detailed instructions.
  • To run a single group of tests, e.g. loanproduct: mvn integration-test -Dgroups=loanproduct

Developing Acceptance Tests