SoC Ideas Brainstorming

Automated Maintenance of Mifos X API Documentation John W
API-level Regression Testing John W
Mobile AppFrom RHoK 
User-Generated Doc ModuleFrom RHoK 
SMS IntegrationFrom RHoK 
Import Tool for Mifos XCreate small project 
Address Javascript browser issuesTo be addressed as larger TW UI work. 
SMS FormsMaybe 
Mifos X with Embedded Database (Installer)From 2012Michael V
Context-Sensitive Help within ApplicationFrom 2012 (too small for GSoC but useful for volunteer in general 
XBRL Reporting IntegrationFrom 2012Kojo G
Client Scoring ModulesFrom 2012 (need more detail) 
Business Analytics (OLAP)From 2012Kojo G