Operational Structure of Group Methodologies

Operational Structure of Group Methodologies



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     Different group methodologies require different operational structure. It is important for the MIS to support the structure selected by organization based on organizational goals, profitability objectives, and risk tolerance.
Some of the popular methodologies are
  1. Solidarity Group
    1. Grameen Bank
    2. Latin American - Solidarity Group
  2. Community Based Organizations (CBOs)
    1. Community Managed Loan Fund
      1. Village Banking
      2. Revolving Loan Funds (RLF)
      3. SACCOs
      4. Mutually Aided Cooperative Societies (MACS)
    2. Saving and Loan Association.
    3. Bank Linkage programs
      1. Federation/SHG

An MFI or organization may adopt a methodology from above list and modify it to suite the need of members and organization. One of the key factor in the methodology is grouping structure.

MFI/Organization can structure grouping in many possible ways. We will see some with real life example.

  1. Institute wants set n number hierarchy levels for grouping clients/members
    1. Center(Kendra) >> Groups >> Members   Example: GK, Nirantara ,Adhikar
    2. Groups >> Members Example: ATG, Rara Inc
    3. Village >> Centers >> Groups >> Membars   Example: SSK use this hierarchy , Chitannya wants this feature but no supported by their current MIS and most of the MFI using FINO have this structure
    4. Programs >> Members Example: NURU International.
  2. Option to attach members at different level.
  3. Option to assign a staff to group