SMS Integration

This section will contain use cases and functional requirements for the following:

  • Outbound SMS (push)
  • Inbound SMS (pull)
  • SMS Interface for Data Entry

Volunteers looking to contribute to these projects can find the requirements and necessary background on the problems trying to be solved. 

Specialists, Integrators, and MFIs looking to create or use SMS-based solutions should share and document their requirements here.  

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    • SMS Communications: Currently Mifos and the client and portfolio data it contains is only accessed by the staff of the MFI. However, the majority of clients served by MFIs own mobile phones. A simple yet powerful way, for them to interact with the data in Mifos is via SMS. MFIs have requested the ability for both inbound and outbound SMS communication to send notifications to their clients, and to enable clients to retrieve information about their accounts. When living on less than $2/day, this simple yet timely interaction with their financial accounts is extremely important.