Google Code-In 2019

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The Mifos Initiative has been selected as a mentoring org for the 2019 Google Code-In program. Community members interested in mentoring can sign up at Students looking to participate, stay tuned for the kickoff of the program on December 2.

2019 Google Code-In (GCI) - Get To Know Mifos

After participating in Google Summer of Code in eight different summers and GCI in 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2018  we look forward to the opportunity to work with pre-university students through Google Code-In. As both a 501(c)3 non-profit and an open source project, our global community has a diverse range of tasks (both technical and non-technical) that will be a valuable experience for the students. Students will gain exposure to an active open source project, a widespread global community, and expand upon a wide range of disciplines as they use technology to help alleviate global poverty. 

Students in 2019 will have the option to work on a variety of projects related to the back-end Apache Fineract platform including our next generation cloud-native architecture, our front-end Web App built on top of the Angular framework, and a suite of mobile apps including our Android field officer app, Android mobile banking app, Android mobile wallet framework and Angular Online Banking App. We sit at the confluence of fintech and financial inclusion, providing a cutting edge technology stake that will have downstream professional benefits, fast-paced market to research, a global user base to interact with and provide an optimal user experience and documentation for, and unique challenges in crafting messaging and marketing for both the product and social mission to donors. 

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Watch the following videos to learn about our gigantic mission and the game-changing platform we've built to achieve it.

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Staying in Touch

The best place to find someone to chat to about Mifos is in our main Gitter Chatroom at For coding related questions, you should subscribe to our Mifos and Apache Fineract developers lists which can be accessed from

GCI students will have the opportunity to work on the following types of tasks:

  1. Code: we have a range of introductory coding tasks across our Java platform, AngularJS community app, and Android field officer and client self-service apps 
    1. Platform - Apache Fineract: Source Code | Issue Tracker | Mailing List
    2. Web App - Mifos X: Source Code | Issue Tracker | Mailing List | Gitter Chatroom
    3. Mobile App - Android Field Officer App: Source Code | Issue Tracker | Gitter Chatroom
    4. Mifos Mobile - Android Mobile Banking App: Source Code | Issue Tracker | Gitter Chatroom
    5. Online Banking App - Web: Source Code | Issue Tracker | Gitter Chatroom
    6. MifosPay - Mobile Wallet Framework: Source Code | Issue Tracker | Gitter Chatroom
    7. Mifos Payment Gateway: Source Code | Issue Tracker | Gitter Chatroom
  2. Documentation/Training: Most of the end users of our software aren't super-technical. Documentation is critical - we have a number of short how-to guides, training slides, and video tutorial to work on for using the software and engaging with the community. 
    1. Fineract Wiki:
    2. Mifos X User Manual: User Manual
  3. Outreach/Research: As a global non-profit with a rich social mission to bring financial services to the poor, we have an enormous amount of non-coding work to get done in our community - on the marketing front this involves product positioning and collateral, donor and volunteer outreach, social media management, CRM & contact management, digital media design, as well as analysis and research of our competitors and new financial inclusion products and services. 
  4. Quality Assurance: Mifos X is enterprise-grade, mission-critical software to run a bank - quality, security, and performance couldn't be more important - as our software continues to grow, we have a range of manual and automated testing tasks as well as simply user testing our web and mobile apps and reporting usability improvements. 
  5. User Interface: Since many end users of our software aren't that technically literate, an optimal user experience is ever more valuable, various areas of our web and mobile apps as well as our community websites could use some mockups and wireframes.


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