Outreachy December 2015

The Mifos Initiative is looking forward to participating in Outreachy for our first time. Mentors from our project, who have served in both Google Summer of Code and Google Code-In are passionate about leading the next generation of coders and are excited to have the opportunity to help underrepresented groups get involved in open source. Our open source financial services platform, Mifos X, helps to bring technology-enabled financial inclusion to poor women across the globe. It is a powerful way to both eliminate global poverty and participate in open source. 


Outreachy December 2015 Timeline

Please see https://wiki.gnome.org/Outreachy/2015/DecemberMarch for the timeline for the December 2015 round of Outreachy with the internship period lasting between December 7 and March 7.


Mifos Participation in other Internship Programs

These blog posts highlight the efforts of past interns and their mentors: