How to Assign a Loan Officer

A loan officer may be assigned to loan accounts that are Pending Approval, Approved, or Active. A loan officer may be removed from a loan account and a different loan officer assigned when loan accounts are Pending Approval, Approved, or active.

The status of the loan remains the same when a loan officer is assigned.

Use bulk loan reassignment to reassign all loan accounts from one loan officer to another.

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To assign a Loan Officer to a loan account

Locate the loan account to be assigned or reassigned by navigating to it through the client or group that holds the loan account.

  1. Select Assign Loan Officer from the action bar (it may be located under the More menu choice)
  2. Select a loan officer from the To loan officer list
  3. Select the Assignment date from the calendar pop-up.
  4. Click Submit.

If a loan officer is already assigned to an active loan, the Assign Loan Officer choice will not be available on the action bar. To assign a different loan officer, click x beside the current loan officer, select the Unassigned date from the calendar pop-up and click Submit. Then follow the steps above to assign a new loan officer.

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