The System menu contains links to ten (10) pages. These pages are listed on the right hand side of this page. Each one is designed to help you control the day-to-day operations your organization requires when using Mifos X.

When getting started with Mifos X, please refer to the Initial System Setup page.

Want to learn more about navigation in Mifos X? See the General Navigation section of this manual.

From the Welcome page, click Admin and choose System from the drop down list.

This will launch the System page as shown below;

It is from this page that:

  • Data-tables are managed and modified
  • Codes are defined and modified
  • Roles and Permissions are managed
  • Maker Checker tasks are configured
  • Audit Trails are managed
  • Reports are created and modified
  • Jobs are created, scheduled or modified
  • Global Configurations are defined
  • Hooks are defined.
  • Account Number Preferences are defined.
  • Two-Factor Configurations are modified.
  • Surveys are created and managed.
  • Mappings between entities are defined and modified
  • External Services are configured