Develop Data Warehouse Strategy

Status - Completed

Please email the mifos-developer list if you are interested in helping on this project.


Van Mittal-Henkle

Current Volunteer(s)

Orange Mile


Assist the Mifos team in better understanding data warehousing and develop a proof of concept to demonstrate the value of a data warehouse.


Time Estimate

  • 1-2 hours to prepare a presentation, 1 hour to present to Mifos team (done)
  • 2-3 weeks to prepare a proof of concept

Prerequisite experience

Data Warehousing Expert needed!


Mifos would benefit from better reporting and business intelligence (BI) capabilities. Currently reporting is done based on the production schema. Writing reports based on the production schema is often difficult because the production schema is designed for application usage not reporting usage.

By creating a new schema (or schemas) specifically to meet reporting needs, the process of creating and maintaining reports should be much easier. Decoupling the reporting schema from the production schema will also mean that improvements can be made to the production schema without requiring reports to be changed (just the mapping between the production schema and the reporting schema would need to be updated.

A well organized reporting/BI schema should also open up opportunities to generate reports that would have been too difficult or time consuming to generate off of the production schema and help MFIs gain new insights into their business.


Work on this project will be done using Jaspersoft reporting tools.