Feature Request Process

Our product roadmap is directly driven by user feedback. We want to hear your voice - create feature request or suggestions using tickets in JIRA. This dashboard shows what's been requested, what's been prioritized.  Here's what you do.

  1. Create a Feature Request in JIRA - Under the Mifos X project, Search for a similar request or, Create a New Feature or Improvement ticket. Be as detailed as possible. Add a label with the name of your organization.  

  2. Vote for yours and other features - You can vote for any of the listed features.  On a regular basis, the community will be requested to vote so that the roadmap may be properly prioritized.

  3. Estimate Feature Requests - Members of the product management team meet weekly to estimate each feature. We'll kick the feature request back to you for more details if there is not enough information to make an estimate. We may ask that you write a Functional Specification to support the request to ensure the development team covers all the features and the community can vote. 

  4. Review and Prioritize Feature Requests- The product management team reviews the current list of feature requests and assigns an implementation priority using the MoSCoW ranking (Must, Should, Could, and Won't). Priority is assessed based on:
    1. Usefulness of the feature - is this functionality widely needed across the community?
    2. Demand/Interest in feature - which MFIs have requested this? How many votes does this feature have?
    3. Level of effort required - how big of a feature is this to implement? Are resources available?

  5. Assign to Product Roadmap - Based on these priority rankings, we'll assign features to the releases in upcoming Product Roadmap.

  6. Identify Development Resource to Build Feature - Once a feature is in the roadmap, development may come from a number of areas: 1) Volunteer developers 2) Paid developers 3) Mifos Specialists 4) IT Staff at the MFI.

  7. Ship new Feature! - Once the feature has been built and tested, we'll ship it in the assigned release!