NOT ACTIVE Concept In Development: Community Teams


Across the project, we have a tremendous amount of work to achieve in both product and community development.  It is far too much work for one individual and far too broad for the entire community to focus on. By spreading work across the teams, our grander vision can be achieved as we tackle more approachable tasks to grow the community. 

Teams also foster a sense of belonging and a stronger commitment to the project. As we bring together individuals with a shared interest to focus on the various core areas of the project, we also provide an easy way for new contributors to select how they get involved. Working with others sharing the same passion, their sense of belonging, accountability, and in turn their overall participation will grow.  Teams are a fundamental ingredient to any community and are key to the long term sustainability of ours.

Below we've listed out the various teams, their responsibility, the team lead(s) and when they meet.  Click through to each team to see individual members, their current priorities, how to get involved and a status update on recent work. 

Product Development




Meeting Date

Release Management & QA

Shipping timely releases of high quality, maintaining code repository, overseeing incoming contributions from community.

Core Dev Team



Ensuring Mifos delivers flexible and robust business intelligence for MFIs large and small

johnwoodlock (Unlicensed)d Cable



Providing solutions to address basic and advanced financial reporting and cash management alongside Mifos

Core Dev Team


Community App

The standard user interface that ships with Mifos X - an AngularJS app which provides support for the most commonly used financial inclusion models

Core Dev Team


External Apps

Solutions to provide ways to interact and connect Mifos with front and back office as well as external networks (offline, mobile, credit bureaus, data migration)

Mifos Team


Installation and Hosting

Increasing of implementing and maintaining Mifos in on-site and hosted environments (Installers, Cloud, etc.)

Mifos Team



Moving Mifos towards a modular platform architecture that enable wide extensibility and ease of contribution.

M Geiss


Product Management

Collecting user input and coordinating requirements across teams, publishing roadmap, managing release

Mifos Team


Community Development




Meeting Date


Building out and maintaining the processes and tools for community-wide collaboration and communication




Identifying and maintaining technical and non-technical documentation and training to support the community.




Improving self-support mechanisms like MifosConnect powered by AnswerHub while building and strengthening local support channel.




Building overall brand awareness of Mifos providing marketing support to local distribution channel, and ensuring open and active updates and communication across the community.

D Harp/E Cable


Volunteer Management

Assisting the other COSM teams with workforce management, including helping them to recruit, retain, and recognize a community of volunteers worldwide.

E Cable



Growing community philanthropic revenue streams through online giving and institutional, individual, and corporate grant donations.

D Harp