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In 2014 now that the new Mifos X platform and community app are both publicly available, development will be driven by a product roadmap that is based off of the needs of partners and user across our entire community. The roadmap will be structured with quarterly milestones with major releases each month as features are developed and point release in between. The aim of the release team is to ensure that both end users and developers can gain access to a stable build or branch of Mifos code.  For users this meas a regular, frequent, and transparent release process that ensures innovation is released rapidly but still at a high level of quality.  For developers, the focus is on the source code available in a flexible distributed manner supported by a timely process for receiving and reviewing contributions and delivering these in stable builds for others to extend.

Current Priorities

  • Release Management: Build out dashboards and views to provide a transparent look into each release on JIRA Agile.
  • Release Process: ensuring each release is done timely, 
  • QA: Continuing to build out the suite of automated tests and coverage across the platform and various apps. Establishing an open process to allow community to participate in the triage of issues and optimization of feature requests.
  • Collaboration Management: leveraging GitHub and complementary tools to allow us to easily merge and accept requests of external contributors - ensuring we review and accept code contributions in a timely manner. 

Previous Priorities

  • Release Process: How formal, how frequent, who will maintain? DONE
  • Release Management: What goes into each release? Where do we draw the line for new functionality? new features? do we still have code freeze? Do we have rotating release managers? UPDATING AS WE SHIFT TO ROADMAP FOR 2014
  • QA: How in-depth of a QA process do we have moving forward? How can a vigorous patch review process reduce need for QA at each release. IN PROGRESS
  • Source Control: We want to reduce the barriers for others attempting to contribute code - moving from source control from SF to GitHub can enable a much more "open and collaborative codebase" where new changes can be more fluidly merged.IN PROGRESS - ACTIVELY USING GITHUB, STILL FINALIZING OUR CONTRIBUTION PROCESSES

See the open release process mailing list thread for current discussion. 

Background on current release process to date.

Status Updates

Links to progress and notes ongoing projects/tasks will be shared here. 

Meeting Schedule

The date and frequency of the reporting meetings will be posted here. 

Get Involved

Want to join the team and assist with shipping ? Email the team lead. Have a suggestion on how to improve release management? Send an email to the release team lead or log it as feature request with the label, "releases". 

Meet the Team

The Release Team is made up of the following community members: