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The aim of the reporting team is to provide MFIs, large and small, with the solutions they need to properly analyze their social, business, and financial performance across their organization.  Our aim is to provide flexibility and ease of analyzing and extracting information from their data whether this is through ad-hoc reporting or custom reports. We strive to provide ease of use as well as sophisticated business intelligence.

Current Priorities

The transition over to Mifos X marked the release of a brand new reporting tool based on Stretchy Reports that all MFIs with basic SQL knowledge to create reports directly within Mifos X. We are still building out deeper integration with Pentaho, integrating with other common industry-wide reporting platforms and continuing to give management the tools to more easily analyze their data.

  • Client Impact Portal: The Client Impact Portal is a separate app that connects to Mifos X allowing for a multi-organizational view for internal and external stakeholders. It supports the ability to view organization-wide social and financial performance details with the ability to drill down into each individual client. 
  • PPI Reports: Once PPI integration is built into Mifos X, we need to build out a suite of standard reports which analyzes and visualizes this data. 
  • Dashboards: Dashboards will be both embedded throughout the Mifos X UI as well as generated through tools like Pentaho
  • User-Configurable Reporting: Drag-and-drop/ad-hoc like reporting is needed to allow management to easily create reports on the fly with no SQL knowledge required. 
  • Data Warehouse: Work on a data warehouse is required for those larger financial institutions that want a greater level of control and performance over their business intelligence. 
  • Standard Reports: Mifos X has a large suite of standard reports based on stretchy reports. These don't have the full formatting and PDF outputs of Pentaho reports so we're seeking volunteers to write reports into Pentaho format as well. 
  • Integrations
    • Mix Market XBRL Taxonomy Support: Integration with the Mix Market's standardize reporting format for financial inclusion, the XBRL taxonomy, has been provided by Yanna Wu - 2013 Google Summer of Code intern. 
    • Credit Bureau Integrations


Previous Priorities

We are currently exploring a number of reporting enhancements that were discussed in the product working group meeting. As the product working group is formalized, we'll update these list:

  • Ad-hoc Reporting: Improving access and making it easier to get simple reports and information and out of Mifos. SEEKING VOLUNTEERS
  • Ease of Installation: Many great standard reports have been built in Mifos BI but many MFIs are still challenged to install. DONE - MORE POWERFUL STRETCHY REPORTING IN MIFOS X
  • Pentaho/Mifos Integration: Embedding Mifos BI (Pentaho) into Mifos and phasing out BIRT would increase the overall value and the frequency of usage of Mifos reports DONE - NO BIRT REPORTS IN MIFOS X
  • Dashboards: Management continue to need simpler and more interactive ways of analyzing their data.IN PROGRESS - SEEKING VOLUNTEERS
  • PPI Reports: as more and more MFIs adopt PPI, a more robust solution then the PPI dump is needed.IN PROGRESS - SEEKING VOLUNTEERS

Status Updates

Links to progress and notes ongoing projects/tasks will be shared here. 

Reporting Meeting Notes

Meeting Schedule

Skype, Weekly, Thursday 3pm IST

Get Involved

Want to join the team and assist with reporting? Email the team lead. Have a reporting issue you want the team to work on? Send an email to the reporting team lead or log it as feature request with the label, "reporting". 

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